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2004 Symposium Working Groups

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Aquatics: Eurasian watermilfoil, Caulerpa, Spartina, water hyacinth

Dunes: pampas/jubata grass, iceplant, Ammophila

Forbs:  thistles, knapweeds, dalmatian toadflax

Grasses:  medusahead, barbed goat grass, cheat grass, Harding grass

Riparian: Arundo, Lepidium, tamarisk, cape ivy...

Trees and Shrubs:  broom, Eucalyptus, tree of heaven, Sesbania

Risk Assessment: Working group to complete the Cal-IPC Invasive Plant Inventory

Roadsides: Working with road maintenance agencies

Mapping: Setting priorities and communicating scope

Nurseries: Working with industry on invasive plants available for sale

Fire: Prescribed burning as a management tool

Critical Habitats: Working on weeds near sensitive species

Environmental/Social Issues: Working with members of the public who oppose weed management or eradication programs