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Speakers' Bureau

Speaker's Bureau
Tell Someone: what's behind the beauty?
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You can help protect California's landscape by spreading the word about invasive plants

  • Bring a knowledgeable Cal-IPC Speaker to the next meeting of a local organization or group
  • Contact Cal-IPC to ask about joining the Speakers' Bureau

All Cal-IPC Speakers are equipped to give two different presentations. One is geared for a general audience, and addresses questions such as:

What is an invasive plant?
Why should I be concerned about invasive plants?
What are the ecological and economic impacts of weeds?
What is being done about invasive plants?

Our second presentation is designed specifically for gardeners. In addition to the information in the general talk, this presentation includes information on invasive ornamental plants and describes how gardeners can choose alternatives to these plants.

Bring a Cal-IPC Speaker to the next meeting of your:

  • Garden club
  • Neighborhood group
  • Hiking/biking/camping club
  • City planners
  • Local landscapers and landscape architects
These are just a few examples. Many groups want to learn how invasive plants affect California's unique landscape!

Cal-IPC Speakers

The Cal-IPC Speakers' Bureau consists of a network of knowledgeable and dedicated Cal-IPC members throughout California. Most of our speakers work in the field with invasive plants on a daily basis! To supplement their own expertise, Speakers are equipped with our two PowerPoint presentations, written outlines for each talk, written information sheets, and frequently asked questions and answers about invasive plants.

To find a speaker in your area or become a member of the Speakers' Bureau, please contact, or call (510) 843-3902.