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Plant Identification and Control

There is a virtual sea of resources to help you to identify invasive plants, as well as an ocean of research, resources, publications and advice on how to get rid of them. This page is intended to help a range of people: from those just learning about invasive plants to botanists and other land managers who want more detailed information on the taxonomy of the weeds they work with. A major aspect of weed work in California is VOLUNTEER HELP!! Look here and on our volunteer coordination page for resources to help you to train your invaluable volunteer crew in plant identification and control.


Know what you're looking at: Plant identification resources

  1. Weeds in dirt: Terrestrial invasive plant identification (click here to see weeds in water: Aquatic invasive plant identification)
  2. Weeds in water: Aquatic invasive plant identification

The art and science of killing weeds!

This list will connect you to a larger conglormeration of resources.