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Weed Workers Handbook

Published by the Watershed Project and the California Invasive Plant Council, the Weed Workers' Handbook explains how to remove more than 35 of the San Francisco Bay Area's most invasive plants. The Handbook provides:

  • A simple, strategic approach to dealing with wildland weeds
  • Guidelines for planning and leading volunteer control projects
  • Descriptions of techniques used to control wildland weeds
  • Tool illustrations and a chart explaining how each tool can be used
  • Color illustrations, detailed descriptions, and thorough explanations of the best ways to control the Bay Area's worst weeds

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All books, brochures, and the CD-ROM may be ordered online through the Cal-IPC shop, by printing the order form or by calling us at 510-843-3902. Please make checks payable to Cal-IPC and mail to: Cal-IPC, 1442-A Walnut St. #462, Berkeley, CA 94709.

Let us know what you think of The Weed Workers Handbook. Your comments and suggestions will help us make necessary changes to the Handbook when it is revised. You may send comments to

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Entire Weed Worker Handbook (pdf, 128 pages)


Chapter 1 Background: Putting Weed Work in Context

Chapter 2 Strategy: Planning for Effectiveness

Chapter 3 Communication: Talking About Wildland Weeds

Chapter 4 Coordination: Organizing Volunteer Weed Projects

Chapter 5 Tools and Techniques: Manually Controlling Wildland Weeds

Chapter 6 The Plants: How to Remove Bay Area Weeds



Removing Spanish broom along the American River Parkway, Sacramento
Removing Spanish broom along the American River Parkway, Sacramento
Photo courtesy Frank Wallace

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