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Invasive Plant Inventory - 2017 Update, plants added

The species listed below have been added to the Cal-IPC Inventory with the scores as noted. Click to link to the detailed Plant Assessment Form.

Carrichtera annua, Wards weed - Moderate-Alert

Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera, boneseed - Moderate-Alert

Clematis vitalba, old man's beard - Moderate-Alert

Colocasia esculenta, taro root - Moderate-Alert

Geranium purpureum, little robin - Limited

Ligustrum lucidum, glossy privet - Limited

Limonium duriusculum, European sea lavendar - Moderate

Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum, slenderleaf iceplant - Limited

Tribulus terrestris, puncturevine - Limited

Volutaria tubuliflora, desert knapweed - Limited-Alert [Note: In assessing Volutaria tubuliflora, we encountered a scoring profile that has not occurred before in our PAF evaluations. Though the plant has limited known impact (C for Section 1 score, because the plant is a new invader and not a lot is known about its impacts), it has very high invasiveness (A for Section 2) and low current distribution (C for Section 3). The correspondence between high invasiveness and low distribution is what leads to an Alert flag for species with overall High or Moderate ratings. We are extending the Alert flag to species such as V. tubuliflora that rate a Limited overall, and have an A score for Section 2 and a C or D score for Section 3. (This differs slightly from the Alert flag for species rated High or Moderate, in that these species also get a flag when the Section 2 score is B.) The Alert flag for V. tubuliflora does not currently display on the PAF, but will when we adjust the database.]